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Want to improve the performance of your production lines, make more products in less time? In this report you will learn what you need to know and importantly measure to start driving efficiency, easily!

  • Learn what businesses like yours are tracking and measuring, start thinking about benchmarking your performance against industry standards
  • If your production line keeps stopping, this is costing time and money, recording these reasons manually is slow and inefficient, there’s a better way!
  • Discover what a typical hour on the production line looks like in the industry, where lost time occurs, and how to increase output through the clever use of data you can trust. 
Manufacturing Efficiency Snapshot

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What OFS can help you with


Master efficiency

Collect performance data from your production lines in real-time and give your team an easy way of measuring efficiency.


Pinpoint wastage

Record waste and find bottle necks. OFS gives you the data you need to take action and knock down the road blocks to your goals.


Take control

From live dashboards to analytical reports, every part of OFS is designed to make it simple and easy for you to master your packaging process.